Cold City: Escalation Boulevard

Mission #35 - Thursday, November 2nd

Cafe 1
As if crawling through Berlin’s sewers wasn’t bad enough by itself, the Soviet welcoming-committee sure was a nice “finishing touch” to a night out in Berlin with the RPA. They must’ve been alerted by the “noise” we made while trying to rid this forsaken town of its own monsters. It wouldn’t surprise me if my soviet comrades had some good laughs over pulling us out of those sewers.

And where the fuck, did Sgt. Holtz go? He probably has some kind of history in this town that makes him behave like this. Either that, or he is just another coward. We’ll see about that.

So the Soviets took just Ms Foumier & Myself. What a pair we must’ve been.
i hope they treated her respectably. I know what they can be like.
Before i know it i’m being pushed into an interrogation chamber and confronted by Major Arkady Koslov, of all people, why did he have to be here? I had hoped to forget familiar faces of the past. He wants me to report to him. I guess i can let go of some information every now and then. Im not sure who he is reporting to and why. I’ll have to be more cautious in the future. I don’t want to fight the wrong people. I just want to fight monsters.

Ms Foumier made a little row over the pictures we took in the sewers as we got escorted out. She got her negatives back and should consider herself lucky. I on the otherhand will probably have to consider that a favor from Arkady.

And so we walked back to the sewers, not really expecting to find Holtz or our car. Instead we found “Taffy” and “the Yank” sent to pick us up in a company car. Im not fond of admitting that was the first time of the night i felt relieved. In the company of these foreigners.

Back at the RPA headquarters we debriefed our “mission” to Coubertin after which i retreat into my quarters.

The next day i meetup with “the team”. Holtz is still nowhere to be seen. He’ll have some explaining to do to the RPA heads when he returns… We get briefed by Spiegelmann and decide on a plan of action for the day

Ms Foumier gets us some intel on Werner Novak from a polish RPA member. Apparently Werner Novak was working for a certain man called Deert Kessler, an important and powerful figure, as well as hard to find it seems. But Deert has had a woman in his life and that woman is called Brigitte Fisscher and it is her we visited and confronted later that day in the bar she worked.

After confronting her with pictures of the late Werner Novak and just a little persuasion she provides us with the necessary information on Deert Kessler and his crew. This is of course where the real job starts.

Mission #35 - Wednesday, November 1st

Sgt. Holtz, Sasha,and myself were sent to the River to investigate the body of V. which had washed up on the shore. V. was an informant for the RPA and I had seen him around the office occasionally. When we arrived at the scene it was getting dark and we had to move quickly. Officer Oster had been kind enough to call the body into the RPA first so we had just a few moments to conduct our investigation before the police arrived. Sgt. Holtz stood watch while Sasha and I checked out the body. Sasha turned him over and went through his belongings looking for clues while I took pictures. We did this as quickly as possible but were unable to completely investigate the body before the police arrived. Sasha did some fast talking and explained to the police that we were RPA agents. They weren’t thrilled that we were there and asked us to leave so as this was in their “jurisdiction”.

We returned back to headquarters and Sasha and I were relieved to discover we had recovered more evidence than we’d initially thought. Sasha had discovered a water logged notebook in the coat pocket of V. I quickly set to drying it out while we continued to review the rest of the evidence we’d collected. Sasha mentioned that he believed the cause of death was strangulation of some kind. The neck of the deceased had been stretched and there were strange bruises around the neck and part of the head. These also showed up in the photos I took. Sasha also noticed there was mud on his boot from where he had turned over the body. This same mud was on the victim’s hands and knees. It appeared to be from a drainage pipe.

Sgt. Holtz suggested we get a boat or drive up the river and ask around for information. By this time, the notebook had dried out enough that it could be read. Surprisingly it was in Polish not German as I expected it to be. Sasha, having spent some time in Warsaw, was able to translate enough that we could figure out that V. had been observing two drainage pipes. He suspected there being some smuggling occurring at this location on the River. We decided to check out the pipes for ourselves.
The first drain pipe lay on the bank in front of a lot of old warehouses. Sasha and I stood watch while Sgt. Holtz investigated the pipe. He didn’t find much other than a muddy hand print indicating he wasn’t the only person who’d climbed down there recently. We traveled through the American checkpoint then the Russian one where we stopped to see if they had seen anything unusual along the river. They reported nothing out of the ordinary.
At the next pipe, Sasha went down. He found a strange chain going from the pipe into the river. Naturally he decided to pull up the chain. None of us were prepared for what we found at the end of it. It was a woman, or it had been when it was alive. It lunged for Sasha but we were able to stop it. Unfortunately, we created a lot of noise in the process and could hear the police approaching from the river. I was determined to complete our mission and tried to gather evidence with Sasha’s assistance. Sgt. Holtz took off as soon as he heard the sirens.
Now we have to come up with a story for the police….

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