Lieutenant Sasha Volkov

Soviet infantry officer, son of the revolution


Name: Lieutenant Sasha Volkov
Nationality: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Russian
Occupation: Infantry officer
Background: Son of the Revolution
Draw: He reported his strange incident in Warsaw to his superiors, which led to his recruitment by the GRU, who placed him in the RPA.

Attributes Initial/Current
Action 4
Influence 2
Reason 2

[ + ] Not in awe of the unexplainable
[ + ] Fights like a rat when cornered
[ + ] Trustworthy & honest
[ – ] Short fused
[ – ] Haunted by Warsaw
[ – ] Incompetent / ineffective leader
[ ] ___________________________
[ ] ___________________________

Hidden Agendas
National: Isolate Soviet personnel in the RPA and associated organizations, gain their trust, extract useful military information from them and pass it on to his GRU superiors in the motherland.

Personal: Leverage RPA resources to make sure things like what he saw in Warsaw never happen again.


Lieutenant Sasha Volkov

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