Magda Bremmer

German RPA Directorate Committee member


Magda came to the RPA because of her experiences in 1946. She was working as an interpreter for the American forces in a covert signals division. Although she did not have access to top secret information, she was in a position to witness some very strange messages passing her way.

She was privy to a particular incident where her signals division was involved in the removal of some highly obscure pieces of technology from a deep underground location in Berlin. During the removal something happened which caused changes to take place in some of the soldiers. The incident was covered up, but Magda had seen something that her superiors knew to be totally out of the ordinary. Sworn to secrecy, her new masters found her to be a trustworthy and loyal employee. As a native Berliner, she knew all of the ins and outs of the city and, when the RPA was set up, she was brought on board as an adviser.

Magda Bremmer

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