Major Jean Coubertin (France)

French RPA Directorate Committee member


Languid, easy-going and laid-back, Coubertin rose through the ranks of the French army during World War Two, starting off as a private and ending the war as a Captain. His personal drive and will to succeed is truly remarkable and he gives off a profound air of determination when it is called for. At other times he is relaxed and friendly and is perhaps the best liked of all the RPA-DC members.

A Breton by origin, he has an enduring love for Britain and the British, being something of a noted Anglophile. His simple peasant upbringing instilled in him a high regard for the basics of life and a desire to help his fellow man. It is due to this that he bears no ill will towards any of his allies or Germany and her former partners-in-war. If more junior RPA agents have problems or issues to discuss, it is always Coubertin whom they seek out first. He is viewed as the most impartial and reasonable of all the Committee, almost a ‘big brother’ figure.

Major Jean Coubertin (France)

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