Odette Foumier

French former bookstore owner


Name: Odette Foumier
Nationality: French
Occupation: RPA Researcher, former bookstore owner
Draw: A Nazi raid on her bookstore to find Jewish refugees was led by her former boyfriend, Xavier, who had been turned into a Spezialeinsatztruppen monstrosity. She noticed a unique mark on him before fleeing her burning shop, and chasing that mark led her to find and be recruited by the RPA

Attributes Initial/Current
Action 2
Influence 3
Reason 3

[ + ] Well read
[ + ] Friendly, naturally disarming
[ + ] MacGuyver-type scavenger
[ + ] Will go to lengths to ensure the safety of the defenseless
[ – ] Tunnel-vision, mission-oriented
[ – ] Lack of physical/combat confidence
[ ] ___________________________
[ ] ___________________________

Hidden Agendas
National: Find evidence of twisted technology and expose it to take revenge on Germany

Personal: Find Xavier and/or the people responsible for what was done to him.


Odette Foumier

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