Sergeant Holtz Meyar (Hans Bauer)

East German Volkspolizei Sergeant (German racketeer)


Name: Sergeant Holtz Meyar (Hans Bauer)
Nationality: German (East Berlin)
Occupation: East German Volkspolizei Sergeant (German racketeer)
Background: War opportunist and full-time criminal
Draw: While involved in a illegal racket, he took on the uniform and identity of a dead Volkspolizei sergeant during an attack by a Nachtwachter Veranderten.

Attributes Initial/Current
Action 3
Influence 1
Reason 4

[ + ] Quick size-up
[ + ] Self-preservation escape instinct
[ + ] Diehard, accustomed to little sleep & food
[ + ] Adept at hiding in urban terrain
[ – ] Tendency to gamble
[ – ] Paranoia of uniformed authority
[ ] ___________________________
[ ] ___________________________

Hidden Agendas
National: Eliminate the need for foreign agencies like the RPA, or find a way to dissolve it.

Personal: Do not reveal his true identity as Hans Bauer to those who may report or punish him for it.


Sergeant Holtz Meyar (Hans Bauer)

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