Sergeant John "Taffy" Llewelyn

ex-Commando put to a new task


Name: Sergeant John “Taffy” Llewellyn
Nationality: United Kingdom, Welsh
Occupation: Commando operative
Background: Shell-shocked commando on the path to redemption
Draw: Was unable to destroy the reanimated corpse of a member of his former unit, and the SAS has ‘assigned’ him to the RPA to avoid embarrassment in London.

Attributes Initial/Current
Action 4
Influence 2
Reason 2

[ + ] Making Mayhem Commando Style (Man of action with commando training)
[ + ] Man of Faith (The Lord God has put me here to help cleanse the world
of this taint!)
[ + ] Deliberate (Meticulous in everything – explosives and marksmanship
training reinforce this)
[ – ] Likes to live it up (Work hard play hard. Man of action in every way)
[ – ] Touchy about his height
[ – ] Has resolved to stop taking human life
[ ] ___________________________
[ ] ___________________________

Hidden Agendas
National: To find out how much the technology has spread, and information about what’s out there, any caches, etc. To feed back to SOA or SAS, for assessment.

Personal: To save the souls of the posessed, while tracking down the men under his command that he lost in the horror that was Operation Stingray, and give them a proper burial. Also to change their status from MIA to Dead – for their families sake.

Photo in Taffy’s Wallet


John was in the original Commando units, and became a Sergent in No 8, Guards Commando later the war. He was “invalided” out after a raid on a German installation, after Dunkirik, but before Normandy. That went seriously south, and many of his platoon was massacred by an unseen force in the fog, while the rest have gone missing. Since then he has had trouble taking human life, but no problem taking demon, etc.

His draw scene was during 47, after he worked in training the newly re-forming SAS, before he was moved to Guard duty beside the Tower for some R&R, and his previous experience with non Human entities. A ‘special’ UXB came
in to be diffused in the dungeons below the tower, and his draw scene happened….

Sergeant John "Taffy" Llewelyn

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